What you learn

Notre Dame Paris

Our pro staff instructor will guide you just where you want to go:

  • Learn to work with a live model, try your hand at 4×5 inches.
  • Shoot on large format vintage Polaroids.
  • Have your portfolio reviewed.

We build this workshop around your needs and dreams. We’ll take you where you never thought you would go with a camera.

What you photograph


For Advanced, we have chosen photographer’s paradise – the Village of Montmartre.

  • So many photography greats started here – Atget, Doisneau, as well as painters Picasso and Van Gogh.
  • Our Exclusive Session with a Live Photo Model.
  • Moulin Rouge, Sacré Cœur church, Cabaret of the Assassins and Artists Square.

Book here now

150€ per person (additional: €50/guest) Extra fees may apply for some very specific requests,
2 hours+ – max. group size 4.

You should attend if:
~ You want to treat yourself to something totally unique,
~ you’re looking for a photography challenge,
~ and/or you want to experiment without having to buy or rent equipment.

This workshop will make you plain better of a (happy) photographer – guaranteed. Welcome!

Is my camera right for this?
If the knobs feature Tv, Av or M, Yes.
Still unsure? Ask us 🙂