It’s more fun to photograph Paris at night

What you learn


The magic of the night: learn to block digital noise, know your blue hour, play with the lights.

The fun of the night: learn light painting, create Special Effects, re-invent buildings, experiment with your camera, make outlandish portraits.

What you photograph


The City of Light is a photographer’s dream:

  • The Louvre and the Napoleon courtyard.
  • The Arc the Triomphe du Caroussel.

Is my camera right for these workshops? Depending on each manufacturer, the knob needs to feature Ta, Av or M – as in the chart here. Still unsure? Ask us.

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90€ per photographer (non-photographer guest: free)
2+ hours – max. group size 4. Private session (one person, tailor-made course) €150

You should attend if: you are curious about lights and darkness, and you want to explore new photographic territories. Welcome to this fantastic workshop!

Your photos of Paris will stun your friends – guaranteed!